Photo Session

Photo Session
Last Saturday, I took my babies to a studio on Beacon Hill to have our photos taken for my new website.  Bailey, Colby and Annie.  Annie being the queen that she is, has always refused to hold her pee, she pees whenever she wants to in HER litter box.  So even though it was a 2 hour session I had to bring her box with us.

I forgot to tell our photographer Susan, that Bailey gets obsessed with things and once he is obsessed with an object, there is no way of getting his attention away from it.  So that did not go so well, as the first thing they did was try to get his attention with a ball.  Colby, as usual, was frowning, he always look grumpy, you'd think he could try and smile for the camera.  Took Annie a lot of exploring to get used to the place.  Once she got used to it, she found a spot she liked, away from the spot light, at one point, she actually started cleaning her very private parts, very un-lady like.

Even though my babies were not professional, the session went really well, mainly because Susan brought her dogs, Tegan and Lucy, they were great.  I am excited and cannot wait to share the photos with you all.  Thank you Susan Symonds from Infinity Portrait Design.  You managed to capture the moments and all the photos came out great and DID not make me stare into the camera.

updated: 8 years ago

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