Isn't she lovely...

Isn039t she lovely
I got to take care of Coco the past few days.  She moved to Boston from Georgia at the end of last year.  She is about 7, a little shy, but can be bribed with treats.  When I walked in the first day, she hissed at me.  Second day, she came out to greet me with her sweet meow.  Her mom says I am special now.  She has a gorgeous coat, it is Easter Sunday, which makes me think of chocolate eggs, and that in turn makes me think of ice cream.  Coco reminds me of a dark chocolate caramel ice cream :)  Well she is just as sweet!

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Paw prints on the beach!

It's such a nice day today, Bailey decided to take Colby for a walk around the Sugar Bowl.
Baily went swimming while Colby sunbathed.

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