Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary
Eight years ago today, I brought Jeremy home.  I got him for my second cat, Annie.  Annie was a very playful and persistent kitten.  She would not leave Lucy and Mucky (Akita Chow mix who is in doggy heaven now) alone, and was driving both of them completely crazy.  I called my vet and asked him what I should do, he suggested I get her a playmate.  That day, I went to Buddy Dogs, where I adopted Annie, and found Jeremy.  A very handsome orange Tabby.
He is very sweet, never hissed at anyone.  Amazingly agile, can bounce off walls.  And a lady's man.  He likes to lie on my chest and touch my face with his paw.
Happy Anniversary to Annie's handsome boy toy, Jeremy!

updated: 7 years ago

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