Ms Cotton Candy Fluff!

Ms Cotton Candy Fluff
Cocoa moved to Boston a few months ago.  She is a very beautiful girl, with fur that looks like cotton candy.  
She was used to having acres of land to run around, and was very protective of her property.  So you can imagine the stress and adjustments she had to go through living in the city.
When I first started walking her, she was anxious of her surroundings, and was aggressive towards other dogs and sometimes people.  Her mom was concerned.  I referred her to a wonderful trainer, Dan Cavalletto of Cavalletto Canine.  All of us worked with him to help Cocoa overcome her anxiety.  She is a quick learner and a very very good girl, we saw improvements after a few sessions.
Now I walk her with Ginger, she has adjusted to city life very well, is much more relaxed and happy.

updated: 7 years ago

Simply irresistible

Tiny is very sociable, something about her face makes her look almost human, maybe it is her eyes, maybe it is her expressions.  Even though she is tiny, she has heavy footsteps, she wags her tail continuously and loves to play with her fleece ribbon.  In the middle of playing, she'd give me a look that says "I am irresistible, you need to pat me right now!"  Her wish was my command!
Charlie is the complete opposite, it took 4 visits before he'd come out to say hi, bribing him with Greenies helped.  He warmed up to me after that, and sat with us.  You can imagine how excited I was when one day he finally rubbed against me, purring loudly and asked me to pat him.

updated: 7 years ago

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