All he needs is love.

When I first met Pluto a month ago, the song "All you need is love" popped into my head right away.  Pluto is a very gentle, sweet and loving boy, he is a 3 year old Lab Shepherd mix.  His mom adopted him at the age of one at MSPCA.  He is a bit cautious and does not like crowds too much.  At home, he is much more at ease.  After about a week of walking him, I got to take care of him overnight.   We bonded instantly.  He loved to cuddle and would ask for belly rubs,  he also told me when it was time to go to bed.   Even though he can look serious while we are out for walks, he can be silly sometimes, like singing along to the siren of fire trucks.  Pluto, you are one sweet sweet boy!

updated: 11 years ago