Bailey's first Royal Wedding!

Bailey039s first Royal Wedding
"So did you get up early to watch the Royal Wedding????  Judging from my smiley face, you can tell I watched the whole thing!!  Kate Middleton was so beautiful.  I am going to find a bride just like her!!  Happy Royal Wedding day!!"  

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Should I stay or should I go?

Should I stay or should I go
Finian invited me to sit in his class last night.  I got to watch him and his mom in action.  I was very impressed with him.  One of the tasks was to have all the dogs lie down and stay in the middle of the classroom, away from their moms, while the trainer had a Q&A session for almost 20 minutes.  Most of Finn's classmates failed to stay and had to be told to lie down again repeatedly, but not Mr. Finian Rivers, he stayed until he was told it was okay to get up.  I was so proud of him!  Thank you for inviting me to your class Finn Finn!!

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Isn't she lovely...

Isn039t she lovely
I got to take care of Coco the past few days.  She moved to Boston from Georgia at the end of last year.  She is about 7, a little shy, but can be bribed with treats.  When I walked in the first day, she hissed at me.  Second day, she came out to greet me with her sweet meow.  Her mom says I am special now.  She has a gorgeous coat, it is Easter Sunday, which makes me think of chocolate eggs, and that in turn makes me think of ice cream.  Coco reminds me of a dark chocolate caramel ice cream :)  Well she is just as sweet!

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Paw prints on the beach!

It's such a nice day today, Bailey decided to take Colby for a walk around the Sugar Bowl.
Baily went swimming while Colby sunbathed.

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Birthday girl

Birthday girl
This is Annie with her favorite toy, Mimi, on her head.  It's her birthday today, she is nine.  Every night she would bring Mimi to the bedroom door and meow for a while, telling me she got me a gift.  She rules the house and she makes sure I know it too.  Sometimes she would "call" me from the bedroom.  She didn't spend it with her boy toy, Jeremy, she's mad at him.  It really isn't his fault, he had surgery 2 weeks ago, and she hasn't talked to him since!!

Happy Birthday Ar Chu!  Smooooch!!!

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Our new website - designed and put together by a FAB team!

Our new website  designed and put together by a FAB team
My PR friend would tell me this is not news worthy and that I should not be blogging about it.  I am obviously not taking her advice.

I had a fantastic team working with me on this website.
Jim Hood from Hood Design designed the logo and website.  Even just after one meeting, he completely understood what I wanted, as if he could read my mind, and his attention to detail amazes me.  He was always patient with my questions and quick to respond to my email.  By the way, the paw print in the logo is actually Annie's paw print.  

Susan Symonds from Infinity Portrait Design captured all the magic moments.  I never really liked being photographed, but she made it relaxing, enjoyable and fun.  My favorite picture is Annie head butting my hand.  I told Susan about it and sure enough she was able to capture it.

Jim Infantino aka "the web dude" from SLABmedia developed the website, he did it in lightning time!!  His website is easy to netvigate, very user friendly and any requests I made, he responded and made the changes almost immediately.

So a very big fat thank you to you guys.  You guys rock!!!  Thank you so much for the beautiful work.

I highly recommend them!!

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M Street Beach - aka Eye Candy Beach

M Street Beach  aka Eye Candy Beach
Spring is finally here!!!  We went to the "Eye candy beach" this morning, who are the eye candies?  My babies, of course!!!  Bailey went for his first swim this year while Colby decided to sunbath.  What did you do on this beautiful Sunday morning?

urbanpawprint 56
urbanpawprint 56

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For he's a jolly good fellow!

For he039s a jolly good fellow
Wendel turns 5 today!!  

When I first met Wendel, I thought he was very scholarly and professor like.  As I got to know him better, I realized that he is really funny as well.  He is obsessed with playing fetch.   Every day when I walk in the door, he cries with excitement like a little girl, then while waiting for me to get ready, he'd throw his favorite ball against the wall, he'd catch it and then throw it again, I guess he was warming up?  Then he'd dash up and down the corridor.  Most days, he'd also close the cabinet door for me after I took out some treats, that was his way of telling me to hurry up!  

The other day, his mom sent me an email, I was referred to as "Wendel's Caroline".  I told her that is really cute, she said that's because I am his girlfriend. :)

So to my little boyfriend: Happy Birthday!  Thank you for making me laugh daily.  Lots of smooches and hugs!!

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