For he's a jolly good fellow!

For he039s a jolly good fellow
Wendel turns 5 today!!  

When I first met Wendel, I thought he was very scholarly and professor like.  As I got to know him better, I realized that he is really funny as well.  He is obsessed with playing fetch.   Every day when I walk in the door, he cries with excitement like a little girl, then while waiting for me to get ready, he'd throw his favorite ball against the wall, he'd catch it and then throw it again, I guess he was warming up?  Then he'd dash up and down the corridor.  Most days, he'd also close the cabinet door for me after I took out some treats, that was his way of telling me to hurry up!  

The other day, his mom sent me an email, I was referred to as "Wendel's Caroline".  I told her that is really cute, she said that's because I am his girlfriend. :)

So to my little boyfriend: Happy Birthday!  Thank you for making me laugh daily.  Lots of smooches and hugs!!

updated: 12 years ago