Our new website - designed and put together by a FAB team!

Our new website  designed and put together by a FAB team
My PR friend would tell me this is not news worthy and that I should not be blogging about it.  I am obviously not taking her advice.

I had a fantastic team working with me on this website.
Jim Hood from Hood Design designed the logo and website.  Even just after one meeting, he completely understood what I wanted, as if he could read my mind, and his attention to detail amazes me.  He was always patient with my questions and quick to respond to my email.  By the way, the paw print in the logo is actually Annie's paw print.  

Susan Symonds from Infinity Portrait Design captured all the magic moments.  I never really liked being photographed, but she made it relaxing, enjoyable and fun.  My favorite picture is Annie head butting my hand.  I told Susan about it and sure enough she was able to capture it.

Jim Infantino aka "the web dude" from SLABmedia developed the website, he did it in lightning time!!  His website is easy to netvigate, very user friendly and any requests I made, he responded and made the changes almost immediately.

So a very big fat thank you to you guys.  You guys rock!!!  Thank you so much for the beautiful work.

I highly recommend them!!

updated: 12 years ago