He's a rock star!!

He039s a rock star
I love introducing this little guy to everyone.  His name is BEAST!  And he wears a collar with skulls on it.
When I first met him, I couldn't stop smiling, he is cute as a button and he weighs a total of 7 lbs, half of him are ears.  He always have this look on his face, a little innocent, a little "I didn't do it" and a little "tell me I am a good boy" look.  
He is very laid back and quite eccentric.  One time when I went to pick him up, he wasn't by the door to greet me, I found him sitting by a puddle in the bedroom, with t-shaped ears, looking really really guilty.  It was very cute and honest of him to own up to it and not pretend it was the imaginary cat that did it.  
During our first walk, one of his walking buddies was doing a number one, Beast went and lifted his leg up at him, freaked me out as I did not want to return my client with pee on him, as it turns out, he was fake marking his buddy and he has been doing that ever since then.  Maybe that's his way of telling people he was his best friend?!
He has a lot of charisma, just like a rock star, every time we go out, he draws people to him.  He probably has more fans than most 2 legged rock stars.  If you see us out and about, don't hesitate to come say hi, you might even get an autograph from him if you are lucky!

updated: 11 years ago