Pretty and cute!

Sophie, pretty not cute.
Belle, cute not pretty.
That's how their mom described them.
Took care of them last weekend.
Sophie is a girlie girl and loves to be combed.
Belles likes to play and be patted.
I say they are both sweet, pretty and cute!

updated: 11 years ago

World's best litter box!!

World039s best litter box
Lately, Annie, her majesty, has not been happy with the litter boxes.  While searching on the internet, trying to find a better litter box for her, I came across this article, "The Litter Box from Your Cat's Point of View".  Read it, you will learn a lot!

"The bigger the box, the more inviting it will be for your cat."  Instead of purchasing conventional litter boxes, Lisa suggested we can use storage container boxes.  I went looking for one, and did not really like any of the storage boxes out there, they were big and cumbersome.  Then I came across a "rope handle tub" for storing toys, 16.5 in H x 21.5 in diameter.  Cut a door opening 9 in x 9 in, 8 inches from the floor, again suggested by Lisa.

Annie could not be happier! :)

P.S. Don't worry, she's just modeling in this picture...

updated: 11 years ago