A Beautiful Life!

It's a perfect summer day in Boston.  It was just me and Grey today, his walking buddies were all on vacation.  We decided to go and chill out on the Esplanade.  If you read the blog "A kiss is just a kiss", I can tell you that we have come a long way since then, our relationship has blossomed. There is so much love, so much making out each time we see each other, it is sickening.
Grey was a bit apprehensive when we first got onto the dock, we could hear the waves underneath us.  I sat down and put him on my lap.  He started to relax.  We sat there enjoying the breeze and each others company.  I am so grateful, I have a beautiful life!

updated: 11 years ago

Summer Intern

Summer Intern
Our first summer intern started today at the headquarters of Urban Paw Print.
Here he is, helping pick out a photo for a blog.
So far so good.
He is also getting along with everyone in management.
Do you recognize him?

updated: 10 years ago