I'm not just another dingo

I039m not just another dingo
Hi, I'm Ginger!  
My mom refers to me as dingo, sometimes bad dingo.
Caroline calls me Ginger Belly, or just Belly.
Did you see my new collar on Facebook today?  Do you like it?
I'm here to tell you that I am not just a pretty face,
I am working this Sunday at the Beacon Hill Art Walk.
Here's the website, www.beaconhillartwalk.org.
I'd love to see you there, please come say hi.
The weather is going to be beautiful, it will be so much fun.
I am also very good at collecting rent, supervising data input and cat sitting.
So if you need career advise, I'm happy to talk to you.
By the way, I have very big ears, it is amazing how I am able to hide them in this photo.
See you Sunday!!!

updated: 9 years ago

Boo who?

Boo who
Bumped into Ms. Ruby during one of our walks this week.
As cute as Boo if not cuter.
Love the hairstyle.
Say hi to her, she loves people, dogs.. not so much.

updated: 10 years ago

Frankie goes to Pawlywood!

Frankie goes to Pawlywood
Frank is British.
Frank is talkative.
Frank sounds like a pigeon sometimes.
Frank says "Where" to me all the time.
Frank is puppy like.
Frank likes to drink straight from the tap.
Frank does not like it when I leave.
Frank is loving and sweet.
Frank is just a very cool cat.

updated: 10 years ago

Reunited and it feels so good!

Reunited and it feels so good
Kame is back!!
When Kame was a puppy, I walked her for a summer, until she was old enough to go to daycare.
After two years of daycare, her mom decided to have her join the Urban Paw Print family again.
Today was our first walk.
Not only was she fantastic on leash, she got on really well with Grey.
She will be walking with us every day going forward.  
So good to have Kame back!

updated: 10 years ago

I will sit for a treat - what is the big deal, all dogs do that, well...

I will sit for a treat  what is the big deal all dogs do that well
Meala is the only cat I know that will sit on command, give his paw and lie down.
I was mighty impressed.
And guess what, he learned that last year when he was 12.
Who said we can't teach a mature cat tricks!
Hi five to you Meala!

updated: 10 years ago