To BARF or not to BARF!

It has been harder and harder for me to feed my babies processed food when I have been eating mostly organic whole foods myself.  
Plus a few of my clients are feeding raw to their dogs and cats.
Their coats are amazing, hardly any body fat, and very white teeth.  
I also talked to a woman who has been feeding raw to her dogs for many many years, they are seniors now, the only time they go to the vet is for vaccines, no health problems whatsoever.
I used the BARF Diet book as my guide.  Yesterday was Bailey and Colby's first raw meal, they were so happy!
Chicken wings and chicken necks.
Tonight I am making ground turkey patties, with whole raw egg including the shells, salmon oil and some broccoli.  That will be for everyone.
I might end up cooking more for myself too :)
Will keep you updated.

updated: 10 years ago