The Barf Diet - day 4

I am having so much fun preparing food for my babies.
Tonight is my second time making turkey patty - minced turkey, yoghurt, broccoli, fish oil, chicken organs.
It wasn't hard to convince my cats to eat raw, Annie, with her nickname being piggy, went for the patties right away.
Jeremy and Lucy needed a little convincing, adding a little catnip did the trick.
Here you can see Annie loved it so much, she got tears in her eyes :)
I gave them chicken necks for the first time tonight.  Smashed them with a hammer first.
So far so good, everyone is very happy with their new diet.
And whatever they don't eat, we eat.  I made chicken congee, and my boyfriend cooked the chicken breasts.
Ordered a mini freezer yesterday.  Can't wait to go to Mayflower Poultry to stock up.  They grind raw meaty bones for us there.

updated: 9 years ago

A weekend with my little boyfriend - Wendel

Wendel spent the weekend with us.
It was a crazy windy weekend.
Went to the beach and played fetch.
Bailey and Wendel became BFF.
They even took a shower together.
Relaxing on the sofa together.
Wendel took a nap with Colby.

Fun fun weekend!

updated: 9 years ago