Goodbye my best friend

Goodbye my best friend
you are my world
you are my life
you are my love
you are my best friend
you are always there for me
you are my inspiration
you are persistant
you are friendly
you have clear boundaries
you light up my life
I am so grateful to have spent 19 physical years with you
I know you will always be by my side
I have learnt so much from you
So this is not really goodbye
I miss you
I miss smelling you
I miss kissing you
I miss hearing you meow like a crow
I miss your paw on my mouth as if to tell me to stop talking
I miss you sleeping by my head at night
I miss carrying you around the apartment so you can touch things
I miss you messing up my zoom yoga class
Until we meet again my dearest Annie
I love you with all my heart and thank you for being my best friend

updated: 1 year ago