What about winter?!

What about winter
This is the question people often ask me when I tell them what I do.

This is because they have not experienced:

The moment a bond was created between a new client and me,  that I have finally earned their love and trust.  The look on their faces when they see me, I am no longer the stranger that takes them out for a potty break, I am now their friend, the one they have been waiting for all day long, to go on our adventure, explore the city, meet new friends and play.

The look on a puppys face the first time he sees snow, burying his head deep in the snow.  Walking on a frozen pond, slipping and sliding, having the time of his life.  Not caring that on the way home, salt might really hurt his paws, teaching me to live in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest.

The puppy that shakes with excitement when he sees me, squealing like a little girl, because he knows we are about to go play fetch in the park.
Watching two little brothers running out of the elevator, into the corridor, wondering who is going to win today.

Pretty kitty that meows non-stop because she knows I am going to comb her the entire visit, or Mr. Lion King wanting to play hide and seek (hunt and prey in his language) and letting him win each time... Ok I am cheating here, I don't have to be outside when I take care of kitties, but you are getting my point here, right?

My reply?  What about winter?

updated: 11 years ago