Don't worry.. about a thing... cuz every little thing.... gonna be alright

Don039t worry about a thing cuz every little thing gonna be alright
It has been a very long week.  Today is a good day, a very happy day!!!

My Colby, being a dachshund, is predisposed to back problems. We have been very lucky, but last Thursday, it finally happened. He couldn't move his hind legs.  We took him to Angell Memorial, they operated on his back right away.  Prognosis is good.  He spent the next 5 days in the hospital.  He was healing slower than expected, he was unable to pee on his own or move his hind legs.  The nurses took good care of him and told me he was very sweet and a perfect patient.  Visited him daily.  The first few days he seemed to be in good spirits, but started to get depressed and so did I.  Why isn't he able to pee on his own, is this going to be permanent?  The doctor released him 2 days ago, we had to go in daily to get his bladder emptied.  

Went to Angell today, but they didn't need to do anything.....BECAUSE my baby peed on his own outside the hospital!!!  I was so excited I almost ran into the lobby to announce it.  His legs are improving as well, he has been trying to move them.  Tonight when we were helping him walk by holding him up, he "walked" really really fast towards the kitchen where the cat bowls are.  We smiled.  Cos we knew everything is going to be alright :)

A big fat thank you to his amazing surgeon, Dr. Andrew Goodman.  He did a fantastic job and he really cared about Colby.  He kept me up to date on his conditions daily, and was always available to answer any questions I had.

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Cat love

Cat love
So how many cats before you are considered a crazy cat lady?  I have a mug to prove that someone thinks I am one, and I only have three.
Cats are so misunderstood.  When I tell people I take care of cats, the usual response is a laugh and a question, oh do you walk them on a leash?  My cats are very loving, they sleep with me, they watch TV with me, they like spending time with me.  I thought maybe they are different.  As I began to build my Cat Sitting Empire in Boston, and met more and more cats, I realized that there are many friendly and loving cats out there.  No one hid from me, no one hissed at me, no one was evil to me.  I love watching them clean themselves, I find that very relaxing and soothing, they are so graceful in each and every move.
They make you earn their love.  If a cat comes over to you, it is because he chose to, not because you told him to.  He may hiss at you or swot at you.  That is only because he has healthy boundaries and is telling you no.  I can learn a thing or two from them and so can most people.
So next time someone calls you a crazy cat lady, don't be mad, just feel bad for them, as they have not experienced the love of a cat.  Meow!

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Midday in Paris

Midday in Paris
Martin is from Paris.
He is very laid back and affectionate.
He loves to hug.
He loves to headbutt.
He loves to give kisses.
He loves to drink from the faucet.
His favorite game is playing fetch with a rubber band.

updated: 10 years ago