Boston's best dog walker!

Bailey decided to come to work with me today.  He did a great job and I think I managed to tire him out after about 6 hours of walking around Boston.  
Here is his photo diary:

  1. Me and Murphy - we had a great time at the Esplanade.  I got to run around off leash!! :)
  2. Met Tobo for the first time, he is very friendly.
  3. Grey is indifferent, I think he will like me eventually.
  4. Ginger is very pretty, she makes me blush.
  5. Coffee break!  Oh boy, my mom makes me work hard today.
  6. My fetch buddy Wendel!
  7. He got the ball most of the time, hey, I had been walking for 5 hours!!
  8. I had a fantastic day!  Thanks for bringing me to work mom!

updated: 11 years ago