Te Quiero

Te Quiero
Henry's diary:

Nov 2017- Meet and Greet: Caroline, she seems cool, I think I like her, my parents seem to.

Dec - first walk  - OMG, a kidnapper is in da house!!!! I am going to KILL you, DON'T COME NEAR ME!! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU, I DON'T KNOW YOU, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE.  Yea, try put that harness on me and see if you have any fingers left.  Yippee, I win, she left, she is never coming back, wait till I tell my dad how brave I am today.  Geez I really need to pee, when are they coming home?!?

Day 2 - wait, what is she doing back here?? I AM GOING TO KILL YOU, DON'T COME NEAR ME!!  DO NOT SIT ON MY COUCH!!! Wait, she has 2 pairs of gloves on, hey, I AM GOING TO KILL.. wait, why is the leash on my harness... oh well, might as well go out and pee, I will kill you when we get back.

Day 8 - I WILL BITE YOU, I WILL, DON'T THINK I AM BLUFFING.  ARE YOU DEAF!! I AM GOING TO KILL... oh yeah, go ahead sit next to me, I will still KILL you.. why isn't she scared. Alright, let's go pee.  I know she is going to give me a greenie after.  I will scare her tomorrow.

Jan 11th - Hi :) I have been waiting for you all morning, where are we going today, rub my belly first. Promise me you will give me a greenie after?  Ok let's go pee.

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